Get Oleander-Eyeized!: September at Oleander Aesthetics

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Let's talk brows!  This can be a sore subject for a lot of us.  Some are untamed and neglected, while others have been traumatized from years of over tweezing and waxing.
Whether you're shaping for the first time or in need of brow rehab, Oleander Aesthetics can help! Brows are an art form. The right shape can make them appear brighter, more open, and youthful. Who doesn't want that?

Brow appointments are generally 30 minutes long with exceptional detail to your eyebrows. Every element of your face and brows are considered when determining where they should start, arch, end, and how thick or thin they should be for your facial structure. When we're done properly shaping your eyebrows a touch of powder or pencil & highlighter is applied to define their shape & polish them to perfection.
This is what I like to call getting
Brow Design $25    Brow maintain $18

New to Oleander Aesthetics

A Signature Collection of Brow Products


This line of brushes, powders, highlighters, clear tint and pencils
was created to enhance the brows in a soft, natural manner.



Product of the Month 

Ageless Lashes



This eye lash and brow enhancer both enhances the look
of your eye lashes or brows as well as stimulates follicle growth and strength.
The result is fuller, longer and healthier growth.
Yes, it works!
Paraben free.