The Hydra-Flow Facial: August 2016 at Oleander Aesthetics

hydra facial

Who's ready to take their facials to the next level?  This month, I'm SO excited to announce the addition of a new treatment option to Oleander Advanced Care:

The Hydra-Flow Facial!

The Hydra-Flow uses skin exfoliating technology called hydro-dermabrasion, which blasts the skin with oxygenated and vitamin-infused water via a wand equipped with a resurfacing tips which also helps to lift off dead skin cells—sort of like giving your face a very gentle and effective power wash.  Check out the video! >>>>
This customizable treatment combines five fabulous steps: Cleansing, exfoliation, painless extractions, ageless hydration and an oxygen infusion of antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin.  Great for all...

  • Moisturizes dehydrated skin
  • Gives dull skin a radiant glow
  • Exfoliates build up of dead skin cells
  • Softens and smooths rough, flaky skin
  • Deep cleanses congested skin
  • Reduces blackheads and breakouts

No discomfort or downtime. The Hydra-Flow is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and gives an instant glow.  
It’s sure to become an Oleander favorite!

The Hydra-Flow Express 

regularly $115

Intro Special!


The Hydra-Flow Deluxe 

regularly $115

Includes custom masque/Eco-Fin hand and arm treatment.

Intro Special!


*Expires August 14th 2016

 Product of the Month 

The Spa Wrap from Boca Terry

spa wrap




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