Changing Routine. November 2017 at Oleander Aesthetics

changing routine

Have you already noticed that an hour or two after your morning skincare routine that something is feeling a little bit different? You wonder if you forgot something. Did you hydrate? Honestly, you probably did your summertime routine perfectly, but it’s not summertime anymore! The weather is changing and that means your routine needs to change too.

•  Changing your summer cleanser. 
If you’re finding that your summertime cleanser is feeling a bit too harsh, look for something that will leave your skin more moisturized. I recommend the Vital C Hydrating Cleanser from IMAGE Skincare because it cleanses gently and leaves your skin feeling moisturized and nourished.

•  Treat Your Skin. We often think of spa treatments as indulgences and not necessities, especially during the holidays when we’re prone to give to everyone but ourselves. But think of it this way: unhealthy skin is a healthcare concern. Recharge your health before the holiday season gets underway and reserve some time for your facial. Your health, mentally and physically, could depend on it.

•  Run the Humidifier. During the fall and winter months the air is dryer. Couple that with constantly running our heaters, and we get dry, and dehydrated. Instead of waiting until your skin is irritated and flaky, start using a humidifier while you sleep now. Adding moisture to the air not only soothes skin, but also the eyes and sinuses.

•  Changing your Moisturizer.  Skin also tends to naturally produce less oil in the fall and winter months so that means it’s time to step up the moisturization. If you have oily skin, you may be fine staying with your summer moisturizer during the day, but switch to a more deeply penetrating moisturizer at night to help keep your skin from developing dry patches.  Don’t forget the eye area. This delicate skin also requires more moisture.

•  Wear Softer Fabrics and check your Detergents. 
Be particularly careful about the fabrics you put on your skin this winter. Those with sensitive skin can have a negative reaction to synthetic fabrics that people typically wear in the winter. Laundry detergents can also aggravate the skin. If your skin is prone to inflammation in the winter, switch to a fragrance-free detergent and stay clear of fabric softeners.

~Emma at Oleander~
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Product of the Month

ILUMA intense brightening crème

brightening cream

This crème contains an exclusive brightening complex to illuminate and bring balance to uneven skin. It helps to fade the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation to give skin a more even, radiant tone. Vectorize Technology™ time-releases powerful brightening agents for up to 48 hours to provide an intensive, long-term brightening effect.
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