The Base Tan… Its Not A Thing! March 2018 at Oleander Aesthetics

base tan

Spring break vacations are on the horizon and the words, "base tan" have been popping up in conversation.  The truth is. Getting a base tan is not a thing.  Here's why...

First, the idea behind the base tan is that exposing the skin to UV rays in short bursts will help act as a protective measure against more extended periods of sun exposure.  Those with especially fair or sensitive skin are often told that a base tan is the only surefire way to avoid a painful sunburn or to tan at all.

The truth is that there is really no such thing as a base tan or a safe tan, whether achieved indoors or outdoors. Entering the sun with a base tan typically offers an SPF of 2 to 4. This means that it may take twice or four times as long to burn in the sun as you normally might, but that burning is still inevitable!  Any change in the skin’s pigment that occurs from sun exposure is considered damage. The skin darkens to prevent more damage from occurring, but the damage is already done, so to speak.

In fact, people who have ever used a tanning bed have a 67 percent increased risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma and a 29 percent increased risk of developing basal cell carcinoma. People who first use a tanning bed before age 35 increase their risk of melanoma by 75 percent.

Since there is virtually no safe method when it comes to tanning or sun exposure, you should focus on protecting yourself instead. Wear a good hat, SPF 30 or higher and
reapply every two hours. Go get a spray tan and enjoy Spring break safely!

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