Properly layering your skincare. January 2020 at Oleander Aesthetics



Plenty of people buy new products and use them at random to find that it has made no difference to their skin’s appearance. This is because slapping on skincare products in any random order is probably one of the biggest cardinal sins a beauty lover could make. To get the benefits of each item, there is actually a correct order to layer skincare products.

Rule of Thumb: The most important thing to remember is to layer your skin care from thinnest to thickest consistency.

Why? Skincare formulas with the smallest molecules, like those in toners and water-based serums, need to go first since they penetrate your skin more easily. That way, you prevent larger-molecule skin care from “blocking” other layers of skin care from penetrating your skin.

If you don’t have all these products in your routine, simply skip to the next step.  With this in mind, your skincare regimen should go in this order:

1. Cleanser

We all know cleansing comes first.  If you're a fan of double-cleansing popularized by K-beauty rituals (cleansing and rinsing twice), the rule is inversed: start with your thick (oil) cleanser, then finish with your thinner cleanser, which typically comes in cream, gel or foam form.

2. Exfoliator and/or Mask

Whether you choose to exfoliate 3-4 times per week with a polish or to luxuriate in your favorite once a week mask  After cleansing and/or exfoliating is the time.

3. Toners and Mists

Toners, mists, pre-moistened pads, essences or other watery liquid skincare formulas are the first product you apply that doesn’t get rinsed off. Apply while your skin is still damp from rinsing so it can absorb the ingredients more efficiently.

4. Spot Treat

If you keep a spot treatment on deck to zap those occasional blemishes, dab it on right after toning. Massage it in and let it sit for a moment.

5. Serum

Serums do the heavy lifting when it comes to correcting specific skin concerns since they contain the highest concentration of active ingredients that target anti-aging or acne, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity or dryness issues. They also usually contain potent antioxidants to fight free radical damage, one of the most important ways to slow down the manifestation of aging.
Application of serums----Generally speaking, you want to avoid:
* Mixing two active ingredients together, such as retinol, vitamin C, hydroxy acids, as the combination might cause irritation.
* Do not mix growth factor (The MAX line) serums along with retinols, as they will cancel each other out.   Separate the growth factor in the morning and acids at night.

 6. Eye cream

Most people think eye creams are the final step, but
remember the rule of consistency: since eye creams are thinner in texture than moisturizers, they go on before. You want to minimize the risk of layering moisturizer under your eyes, allowing it to obstruct penetration from your eye cream.

7. Moisturizer (Night and/or Day)

An important role your moisturizer plays it to “lock in” everything beneath you just diligently applied and prevent moisture from evaporating from your skin, keeping it balanced and supple.  Usually applied at night or in the day for extra hydration under your SPF.

8. Oil (Night and/or Day)

Approved oils only!  For an instant glow or extra moisture for dry areas, oils go on last since they can penetrate all other formulas, but not vice versa.

9. Sunscreen (Day Only)

Sunscreen is always the final step during the day. Again,
don’t allow an oil or moisturizer to block the active ingredients from doing their job. Remember, Image Skincare’s PREVENTION+ line of facial sunscreens also double as moisturizers, so unless you’re especially dry or dehydrated you may want to skip the moisturizer and oil during the day.

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