Feeling a little Stressed? April 2020 at Oleander Aesthetics


How's everyone doing?  A little stressed perhaps?  I've spent the first two weeks of the shutdown a little anxiety ridden.  Franticly painting walls, reading government websites and getting busy signals, cleaning, pacing aimlessly.  All of this is a lot to take in, especially for a small business owner.

Today I let myself relax.  I slathered on my SPF put up my big green umbrella, poured myself a margarita and just relaxed.  I wandered around my garden taking photos, took my shoes off and walked on the grass.  I'm reminded of how nature can center you and what havoc stress can do to your body and skin.

The way stress affects the skin are numerous.:
It is the second leading cause of premature aging, the number one rosacea trigger.  Stress suppresses the immune response, and lengthens wound healing time up to 30%.  It affects every element of your skin, from pores to dermal proteins to the DNA locked inside every cell.

Stress alters your genetic code & shortens the productive life span of skin cells, it makes every skin condition worse, especially acne.  Yikes!

After this shutdown a nice relaxing facial is waiting for you and wonderful home care that can help with your stressed skin. In the meantime hang in there, stay healthy, take your shoes off and walk on the grass.

-Emma at Oleander Aesthetics

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