Oxygen Infuse Those Treatments! October 2020 at Oleander Aesthetics

oxygen infusion

Happy Fall to you all!

OH, how I love the detoxifying massage and invigorating blast of the Oxygen Infusion Treatment!

Oxygen Infusion is one of my very favorite modalities, which is quickly becoming everyone's favorite "add on" treatment. Maybe you’ve had an Oxygen Infusion before, maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about. Let's take a look at what this treatment is and what exactly it does for your skin.

Just as we need air to breathe, so do our cells. Oxygen plays a vital role in every metabolic process in the body, including maintaining healthy skin. It is an energy source for our cells to function and is necessary for all the things we want our skin to do, like:

Produce Collagen, Detoxify our cells, Maintain health tissue, Produce new healthy tissue, Wound healing.
Studies have shown that our bodies ability to heal is directly related to the amount of oxygen in our tissue.  Now imagine skin that's being suffocated from a lack of oxygen. When cells are starved for air they lose their ability to regenerate which triggers the aging process, and manifests in the formation of wrinkles and a dull complexion.

Unfortunately, like with most things, as we age the amount of oxygen in our cells diminishes and our ability to produce more slows significantly. Adding Oxygen Treatments will help with this!

So how does Oxygen Infusion work?

This 2 phase system uses an oxygen machine in combination with an uplifting massage using skin specific products that push oxygen, vitamins and nutrients into the skin.
This is a safe and easy way to enhance your treatments. It makes it a perfect option for special events, those with sensitive skin or anyone that doesn't want down-time. The infusion of oxygen and nutrients into the skin smooths, plumps and evens out skin tone without the side effects generally associated with advanced treatments.
Your skin will thank you!

*Add this treatment to any facial, Dermaplaning or Microdermabrasion treatment.   $40

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