March Away the Milia! March 2021 at Oleander Aesthetics


Have you ever noticed a small, pearly, hard white bump on your skin? If you've gone to pop it and had zero luck, you may be dealing with milia. Most commonly, milia are on the eyelids or cheeks.
Milia are harmless little white cysts (milium for just one) filled with a protein called keratin, which is found in skin, hair, and nail cells.   When dead skin cells from the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis) build up underneath the skin, a pearl-like bump forms.
They feel firm and look similar to whiteheads, but they are NOT a member of the pimple family.
Think you can wiggle these out on your own? Think again! These pesky bumps will need exfoliation, extraction, or a Skin Classic Treatment.

Milia can show up on your skin for a variety of reasons.
*Heavy Creams  *Hormonal Changes  *Genetics
*Smoking  *Irritation or injury  *Sun Damage
*Rosacea  *Heavy Makeup

To prevent milia from forming, do these things regularly:
*Gentle exfoliation
*Avoid heavy crèmes. Especially around the eyes!
Add Hyaluronic acid serum.
Add a chemical exfoliant such as:
Glycolic acid – an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that gives skin a mild exfoliating effect, encourages cellular turnover, and gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells.
Retinoids – this vitamin A derivative exfoliates and dissolves dead skin.
Salicylic acid – a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that cleanses and unclogs pores by breaking up dead skin cells.
* Facials and Peels on a regular 4-6 week basis.

Some milia will resolve on their own with proper home care.  For those that need a little extra push, they can be removed one of two ways:
Manually (by hand) during a facial or with the help of (my favorite) the Skin Classic Treatment!
The Skin Classic uses a high-frequency current which electro-desiccates and electro-coagulates minor irregularities on the surface of the skin. It's so effective and takes seconds to perform.
Remember, milia cannot be popped!    If you want to get gung-ho about treatment, book a facial or Skin Classic Treatment on the online booking system.  I will access your skin needs and help you decide which option is best.  See you soon!


Product of the Month

AGELESS total facial cleanser

This daily-use, universal skin cleanser is a smart way to jump start skin’s exfoliation process. The three-in-one formula removes makeup, balances skin’s pH and gently exfoliates surface cells to reveal smooth, supple skin.

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