A Facial for Mummy’s Tummy! May 2021 at OLEANDER AESTHETICS


If there's one common skin concern from Mom's to be, it's that itch you just can’t seem to scratch.  Skin irritation is a common problem for many mamas that tends to appear during the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy, when you’re really starting to show, and only seems to get more pronounced as time passes.

Excessive dryness can be a major issue during pregnancy and belly facials can be great for restoring hydration. They can also be great for women who suffer from unpleasant pregnancy aches. If your pregnant physique constantly feels pain and stiffness, facials may be the way to go. These facials can keep skin dryness at bay. They, in turn, can also stop stretch mark development.

So what exactly is a belly facial? It’s essentially the same thing as getting a facial, but as the name suggests, for Mom's expanding belly. While the skin on the belly will stretch and grow, a belly facial can help maintain elasticity and texture, as well as give Mom time to nurture herself and connect with the little one on the inside.

This Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9th.
How about treating that Mom-to-be to a relaxing
"Mummy's Tummy" Facial.  She'll LOVE it!

Mummy's Tummy Facial
A Belly Facial is the perfect way to relax and nourish Mom-to-be with the best pregnancy safe products around. Belly Facials will focus on your expanding belly to help soften skin, reduce itching that can occur with a growing belly and may aid in the prevention of stretch marks. Includes a belly cleanse, belly exfoliation, belly mask, nourishing oils, balancing serums, hydrating crèmes, Natural 100% Jade Stone Anti-Aging Facial Eye Mask and a soothing Eco-Fin hand & arm, treatment.   $90
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Product of the Month

BODY SPA CELL.U.LIFT® body crème

Perfect for the expecting Mom!  This enhancing body crème was formulated by plastic surgeons as a solution to skin laxity and cellulite. It works to strengthen weak collagen fibers that cause sagging and visibly reduces the volume of lipid cells to help sculpt a firm, smooth appearance. It reduces the look of cellulite and skin irregularities with results-driven ingredients shown to tighten and firm the skin.   $75


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