Oxygen Infuse Those Treatments! October 2020 at Oleander Aesthetics

oxygen infusion

Happy Fall to you all! OH, how I love the detoxifying massage and invigorating blast of the Oxygen Infusion Treatment! Oxygen Infusion is one of my very favorite modalities, which is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite “add on” treatment. Maybe you’ve had an Oxygen Infusion before, maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about. Let’s…

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Self-care with your mask on! August 2020 at Oleander Aesthetics

self care with mask on

Hello all! Are you craving a visit to Oleander Aesthetics for some self-care, but are concerned about taking your protective mask off? No worries, I’ve got you covered! All treatments are currently available, but here are a few options to indulge in (mask on) during this time.  Be sure to schedule your appointment today. Can’t wait…

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Masks, masks, masques! July 2020 at Oleander Aesthetics


Hello all! It’s been super exciting to be back in the treatment room and just in time to celebrate Oleander Aesthetics 7th anniversary. Whoa, time flies! Whether it’s at work or home we have increased our cleaning, mask wearing and PPE throughout the day.  Does anyone else consider themselves a disinfectant connoisseur at this point? If there’s been one common skin…

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Reopening Soon! Plans and Procedures…

Hello! Oleander Aesthetics is planning to reopen Saturday May, 16th. I can’t wait to see all your faces again, although you may only be seeing mine from the eyes up for a while. As you know aesthetic services require up close and personal attention.  I will be wearing a mask, googles and gloves for all services.  The…

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Celebrating Mom! May 2020 at Oleander Aesthetics

mothers day

Happy Spring! There’s no question all of us will need a little relaxation, rejuvenation and “me time” after being cooped up at home for so long. Especially moms. My Mom (actually it’s Mum) is part of a team caring for 115 seniors at a retirement community.  It’s been a huge job and an emotional ride for all…

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Feeling a little Stressed? April 2020 at Oleander Aesthetics


How’s everyone doing?  A little stressed perhaps?  I’ve spent the first two weeks of the shutdown a little anxiety ridden.  Franticly painting walls, reading government websites and getting busy signals, cleaning, pacing aimlessly.  All of this is a lot to take in, especially for a small business owner. Today I let myself relax.  I slathered on my…

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NEWS & NEW IMAGE Skincare! March 2020 at Oleander Aesthetics

New Image Skincare

Hey guys! I know many of you are hunkered down at home in light of the current news. I am currently still here, going above and beyond to create a safe space for you to relax and unwind. (Please read more on that below.) I think we can all use some good news first. IMAGE Skincare’s…

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Introducing the Skin Classic! February 2020 at Oleander Aesthetics

skin classic

Get ready to zap those spots away! Oleander regulars may have heard me gush about this amazing machine, Skin Classic, that can zap away skin imperfections and how it was number one on my aesthetic wish list. Well, it’s finally arrived at Oleander Aesthetics and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! So, what is the…

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Properly layering your skincare. January 2020 at Oleander Aesthetics

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Plenty of people buy new products and use them at random to find that it has made no difference to their skin’s appearance. This is because slapping on skincare products in any random order is probably one of the biggest cardinal sins a beauty lover could make. To get the benefits of…

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