Acne Therapy

By Face Reality Skincare

Oleander Aesthetics offers an effective acne and problematic skincare treatment program that is specifically designed to treat acne without the use of prescription drugs.  Acne Therapy is highly successful with a clearing rate reaching into the 90% range. On average, clients devoted to the acne treatment program have their acne under control, and are significantly to completely clear within 3 to 6 months. Often, results are achieved in as little as 3 treatments.

The Acne Therapy protocol at Oleander Aesthetics is based on the teachings and practice of Dr. James Fulton, M.D.,PhD. and Laura Cooksey, Licensed Aesthetician , Acne Expert, and founder of the Face Reality Acne Clinic Skincare system.

The system combines the power of clinical-grade home care products that are customized for your type of acne and skin with a series of treatments and lifestyle changes that facilitate the clearing of your skin. You will also learn about other aggravating factors that make you break out – foods, medications, cosmetics, stress, and common ingredients in skin care formulations that might be clogging your pores.

Who is a Good Candidate for Face Reality?

Anyone who chronically suffers from acne is a great candidate for this program, especially those who have tried many different products, treatments, or medications in the past without seeing any improvement.


If you choose to start the Acne Therapy program, a pledge will be necessary on both our parts. From you, this means a commitment to follow the directions of the protocol exactly.  To achieve optimal results, you must commit to the program 100%.

  • Recommended home care morning and evening exclusively with the Face Reality products.
  • Life style changes.
  • Dietary changes.
  • Two week check in’s via email.
  • Mandatory Acne Therapy treatments every 4 weeks.

I promise to give full attention and expertise to getting your skin clear, providing you with the safest, most effective products on the market. Working together, our mutual dedication will have beautiful results!

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Acne Therapy By Face Reality

Acne Therapy Consultation  60 minutes / $50
This meet and greet session allows us to get acquainted and to determine if the acne treatment program is right for you.  The consultation begins with a complete health history - a rundown of your current skincare, medications, nutrition, social and work habits that may be impacting skin health.   After a thorough analysis, an evaluation not just your skin type but also your acne type. From there, should you choose to commit to the program, your skin will be tested for sensitives and you’ll get a personalized home care routine to follow.  Not to mention an abundance of tips and recommendations to achieve healthy, flawless skin.

**PLEASE complete the Face Reality questionnaire provided below AFTER you schedule your consultation appointment.

Be prepared to schedule your first 3 Acne Therapy Treatments and expect to spend $100-150 on your home care regimen after your consultation. **

Acne Therapy Treatment  45-60 minutes / $75
With this Acne Facial Treatment, the goals are enzyme or peel exfoliation, hydration, the extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, and killing bacteria to eliminate future breakouts. These treatments are every 3-4 weeks as you work toward the goal of achieving clear skin.  *Prerequisite: Acne Therapy Consultation







Back or Chest Acne Treatment 45-60 minutes / $50-75
Many individuals with face acne, also experience chest acne and back acne. Sometimes, chest or back acne will appear even though the face is clear. The back and the chest are treated differently because the skin is much thicker on the back than on the chest. The price variance has to do with the extent of the body acne and therefore the time and area involved.  *Prerequisite: Acne Therapy Consultation

SO SORRY! THE FACE REALITY PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY FULL. Don't worry.... Check the FACE REALITY website to "Find a specialist near you."