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The New Natural – October 2019 at Oleander Aesthetics


HAPPY FALL EVERYONE! For all of you that LOVE the ORMEDIC Skincare line from IMAGE Skincare, I’ve got some exciting news.  Last night IMAGE released the all-new ORMEDIC Collection: reformulated and refocused! After attending the IMAGE Skincare Holiday Event I got a sneak peek at these exciting new products and a chance to try the new collection.  It does not…

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Have you had a power wash? August 2019 at Oleander Aesthetics

hydra-flow treatment

If you’ve tried the Hydra-Flow treatment you know what I’m referring to when I say, “power wash.”   If you haven’t experienced a Hydra-Flow yet and are ready to take your facials to a new level, what are you waiting for? Rather than traditional microdermabrasion that uses a diamond incrusted tip to resurface, this gentler approach…

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Celebrating 6 Years! July 2019 at Oleander Aesthetics

July 1, 2019, marks Oleander Aesthetics  6th Birthday!  WOW, It’s hard to believe that only a little over six years ago today I had this vision to open a little skincare studio in the West Plaza. 2019 has been a big year! The Oxygen Infusion Treatment made it’s way onto the menu enhancing almost every treament,…

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Pillow Talk! May 2019 At Oleander Aesthetics

If we don’t already have enough to worry about when it comes to skin aging and acne it turns out that perhaps how we sleep and the pillow we use can hurt our skin. You spend approximately 2,500 hours per year spent curled up with it, so good decisions matter depending on your skin concerns…

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March is for Men March 2019 at Oleander Aesthetics

Gone are the days of just dragging a bar of soap across your face.– gentlemen, start setting the bar for better skin! This winter has taken its toll on everyone’s skin, making it extra dry and more sensitive. Not to mention that shaving everyday causes its own set of problems, leading to bumps, irritation, and chronic redness. Facial treatments are…

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Chemical VS Physical Exfoliation February 2019 At Oleander Aesthetics

Feeling DULL, DULL, DULL?    EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE! Exfoliation is the number one treatment that helps prevent new blemishes and allows your skin to heal from residual scarring and pigmentation.  Good skin cell turnover solves a lot of complexion problems including breakouts, the aging process and an overall dull complexion.  The most common types of exfoliation are: chemical exfoliation…

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A Few Of My Favorite Things! December 2018 at Oleander Aesthetics

The holiday shopping panic has set in! I know, I am right there with you. There are so many great gift options available for everyone, you need not to worry. Here are some of my favorite things… products I’m excited to share, and for you to add to your holiday wish list! Schedule a holiday…

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8 Spa Specials Not To Miss! Special Offers From Oleander Aesthetics

spa specials

No BLACKhead FRIDAY * SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY Spa Specials From Oleander Aesthetics! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day and enjoyed spending time with family and friends. The Holidays are on their way. Oleander Aesthetics has been busy rearranging and stocking up on some very cool products you’ll want to add to your gift list. After…

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